Structural & Functional Rehabilitation

Spinal structural rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation are two types of exercise programs that are often used to improve musculoskeletal health and function, but they have different goals and should be done in proper order.

Spinal structural rehabilitation is a specialized form of exercise that is designed to help correct spinal imbalances and help restore proper spinal alignment and posture. The structural rehabilitation provided at our clinic works synergistically with the chiropractic adjustments and traction set ups that are part of a patient’s treatment plan.  The exercises, adjustments, and traction all work in the mirror image of the patient’s structural imbalances and/or postural distortions.This type of rehabilitation is effective when used during the corrective phase of a patient’s therapy regimen.  For most patients, the exercises prescribed are not like anything they have done before.  The goal is to improve alignment, balance, and posture.

Functional rehabilitation, on the other hand, is a type of exercise program that is designed to improve the function of the musculoskeletal system, with a focus on activities of daily living and functional movements. This type of rehabilitation program typically includes exercises that mimic the movements and demands of specific activities, such as lifting, carrying, and bending. The goal of functional rehabilitation is to improve overall physical function and quality of life while providing support to the spine and strength to the core.  Functional rehabilitation helps to create stability and is an important part of the final, supportive, stages of a therapy regimen.
Here is the key, do the right type of rehab at the right time!  Does the orthodontist have you wear braces first, or the retainer?  The braces, of course, to straighten out the teeth (structural rehab).  Then comes the retainer to keep the teeth in place while the soft tissues accommodate the new position of the teeth (functional rehab).  But, FAR too often (in clinics other than ours) patients are told to do stabilizing/functional rehab BEFORE the spine has been properly aligned.

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