Patient Process

Your First Visit

Your first visit to our clinic is your most important.

It is on this visit that we begin the process of gathering detailed information about you, your goals for care, and your condition.  

After the consultation is over, the old adage, “test don’t guess” applies to this clinic.

We’ll use the best modern technology has to offer to perform digital functional movement screens, digital posture screens, digital full spine motion Xrays, orthopedic testing, neurological testing, and more.

After your visit is over, Dr. Longo will take time to perform a detailed Xray analysis and will use that analysis along with all of the gathered information to construct a 100% personalized care plan, just for you, keeping your goals in mind.

Your Second Visit

On your second visit to the office you’ll be able to sit down with Dr. Longo to review the test results and to discuss whether or not he thinks he can help you achieve your goals.

We’ll discuss the specific care recommended for you and for how long your plan should last.

This is not a cookie cutter process, your spine is unique so your care will be unique.

Your care plan’s specific exercises, adjustments, traction, and at-home components will be created for you from your first visit’s findings.

Remember, this office specializes in creating life-long permanent change to the shape and function of your spine (and therefore your overall health). We are here to help you correct, once and for all, your spine related problems. This process takes time and commitment, but it’s definitely worth it!

Your Treatment Plan

After your rehabilitation begins and you are making progress, we continue to “test not guess”.

Periodically during your care we’ll repeat the initial tests that were performed on your first visit. We’ll be able to compare your initial results to your new tests.

Yes, in addition to the other digital scans this also means we will be taking new xrays and will be measuring them to be able to quantify exactly how much you’ve improved and to know whether your problem has been fixed or exactly how far you have left to go.

Seeing your own improvement, pre vs post, is a rewarding experience and these re-exam days are probably the most fun days that we’ll have together.

Beyond the rewarding experience for you, the re-exams give Dr. Longo critical information to make any needed tweaks to your treatment plan so as to make sure you’re getting the best possible results.