Disc Injury / Disc Problems

Disc Herniations are the result of trauma.

Disc Bulges and Degenerative Discs typically occur as a result of abnormal posture, spinal misalignment, and lack of movement.

While a herniated disc is likely more painful, bulging and degenerative discs can also cause pain and loss of mobility that can increase over time.  

Spine & Disc Specialists has helped many patients restore an active pain free lifestyle, despite the patients having one of these serious conditions.

Risks For Disc Problems Include:

  • Repetitive movements with poor biomechanics (aka poor posture or poor spinal alignment): Work, lifestyle, and certain sports activities that put stress on the spine, especially the lower back, further weaken an already vulnerable area.
  • Lifting the wrong way: Never lift while bent at the waist. Proper lifting entails lifting with your legs and a straight back.
  • Injury: High-impact trauma can cause the disc to bulge, tear or rupture.
  • Obesity: Carrying excess weight puts an undue amount of strain on the spine.
  • Smoking:  Smoking demineralizes the disc tissue and also dehydrates the discs.
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Our clinic has a long history of effectively treating disc conditions, keeping many patients from surgery and restoring patients to an active and pain free lifestyle. 

There are 3 main types of disc problems: Disc Herniation, Disc Bulge, and Disc Degeneration.

Disc herniations are the result of traumatic injury. In this scenario the middle gel-like substance of the disc ruptures and tears through the outer ligamentous layers (imagine what would happen if you firmly squeezed a jelly donut). 

A disc bulge occurs when the middle gel-like substance of the disc is putting pressure on the outer layers of the disc, causing it to bulge outward but not rupture (imagine what would happen if you very gently squeezed a jelly donut).

Disc Degeneration, or Degenerative Disc Disease, is a dehydration of the inner gel-like substance.  When the gel dehydrates and dries out, the disc begins to collapse. 

In all three scenarios (herniations, bulges, and degeneration) pressure can be put onto nearby nerves and joints of the spine, causing a host of health problems such as pain near the spine and pain that shoots down the arms or legs, numbness and weakness into the arms or legs, loss of mobility, and much more.  

These are serious conditions and should not be ignored and allowed to worsen over time.

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